The Baltic Notebooks of Anthony Blunt
April 6 – May 10, 2012, The Gardens, Vilnius
Exhibition of meetings
Exhibition of meetings with artists Gediminas Akstinas and Antanas Gerlikas opened on 6th of April in a new Vilnius exhibition space The Gardens.
A guide stick on a shelf-bench
A guide stick on a shelf-bench

This exhibition appears as an experience in a cinema show after the electricity dissapearing, when after the light flash followed by the dive into the dark you start to feel someone next to you, while still impulsively looking to the screen and you smile because you know that he or she is smiling or regretting yet before the knowing why he or she is smiling or regretting. Exhibitions tend to follow a form of the trade. This time one sees what others two bring to the meeting; they already knew where were they going. Thus this exhibition becomes an interchange, similar to that when two travellers in a railway station swapped their newspapers. They continued their own ways and the newspapers were of different days.
Gediminas Akstinas (b. 1961) is an older generation artist, best known from his massive metal constructions and antropomorphous hand-made shelves. His artistic decisions are always related with specific locations and situations. In his works he often uses everyday things, while never forgetting their ideas and forms which give opportunities for new stories.
Last exhibitions: Dimension 1, CAC, Vilnius, 2006; Europe/4 points, Culture platform KultFlux, Vilnius, 2009; RITA Antanas Mončys house-museum, Palanga, from 2010.
Antanas Gerlikas (b. 1978) is a younger generation artist. In his oeuvre he analizes a logic of an artwork in various forms and does this while looking from a perpsective of a daily life and the artwork itself. In this exhibition of meetings Antanas Gerlikas will present his artworks as transitional objects.
Last exhibitions: A Walk, CAC foyer, Vilnius, 2012; The Museum Problem, galery „Frutta“, Rome, curated by Chris Fitzpatrick, 2012; Foto finish, author Raimundas Malašauskas, CAC, Vilnius, 2011.
Curated by Monika Lipšic and Gerda Paliušytė.