The Baltic Notebooks of Anthony Blunt
7 Apr–28 Apr 2010, ArtDepoo, Tallinn
Trickster’s Office by Peeter Laurits
„The world becomes ragged and wears out as it goes round and round. If patching up is no longer an option, a new world has to be created. The contradictory character called Trickster known from ancient mythologies creates worlds through tricks and confusion. He usually uses most handy materials, be it the shoulder blade of a whale or the shreds of the old world; even sand and dust or a strange syllable may be a good start for a good new world.
The old worlds fade out of existence, leaving behind things to remember, casting some light on the new ones. There are moments, states of mind and hallucinations that remain hovering in the air; the light transforms into a bridge between the old and new worlds.“ -- Peeter Laurits.
ArtDepoo gallery proudly presents Peeter Laurits’s exhibition „Trickster’s Office”.
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