The Baltic Notebooks of Anthony Blunt
22 Apr 2010 at 18:00, The Latvian Center for Contemporary Art, Riga
Lecture by Ina Blom, Style as Site: A Redefinition of the Art and Sociality Question
"In this lecture, I will present a theoretical and historical framework for understanding "style" not as an art historical tool or method of explanation but as a social site, in which the relations between appearance and social identity are negotiated. This framework is crucial in order to discuss and assess the new configurations and strategies of social engagement in recent art, but it may also open onto alternative ways of understanding the operations and actions of the 20th Century avant-garde and neo-avant-garde movements. Ultimately, however, this framework may contribute to a more fundamental questioning of the ways in which we frame "the social" in art and art criticism." - Ina Blom
The lecture will be followed by a panel discussion with the participation of art historian Stella Pelše, curator Rael Artel and culture critic Kaspars Vanags.