The Baltic Notebooks of Anthony Blunt
VKN gallery
Maskavas iela 12/1, Riga
Open Tue–Thurs 14:00–19:00, Fri 14:00–20:00, Sat 12:00–19:00, Sun 12:00–17:00

The gallery program is rather random, and is mainly meant “to promote the recognition of Latvian contemporary art and artists“. Part artist or museum space, part public and part commercial, the VKN gallery is run by the Visual Communication Department of the Art Academy of Latvia. Next to exhibitions by the artists represented by the gallery – most of them graduates of the Visual Communication Department (some of them, for instance Miks Mitrēvics and Evelīna Deičmane, are also known internationally), the gallery also contributes exhibitions initiated by kim?, which feature artworks from the Latvian Museum of Contemporary Art collection, ranging from Soviet non-conformist works to the Baltic art of today. EI, 2009