The Baltic Notebooks of Anthony Blunt
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Invitation to Participate | DAta Miners & Travaillurs Psyhique – Alytus Chapter
A message from DAMTP:
Dear comrades,
Our alliance of Alytus art strike biennial action committee and DAMTP’s are inviting you to join us at the world congress we are planning to hold in Alytus on 22nd -28th August, 2011. Our aim is to gather world wide radical anti-autoritaric post-neoist-out of Dadaists, surrealists or offsprings of fluxus and situationists, post artists (those who ceased their participation in capitalist spectacle), prophets, sages and seers, cultural, political and social workers, dead and alive – everybody who are active in the field of space, time and meaning under the umbrella of DAta Miners and Travailleurs Psychique to discuss, share and spread around our experiences and good will to destroy bourgeois culture and outlive capitalist specializations. So far we found art strike biennial very relevant form to abolish imperialist format of cultural biennial format, also to liberate some funds from them on that occasion and that was very pleasant form to outlive the death of art (and serious culture) in a place were it never was settled (yet).
- we are inviting everybody who ceased playing the role of artists, or are planning to do it soon – and we expect for not doing arts during the festival, but sharing your artistic experience and fantasies in more useful activities we’ll decide right at place
- we are inviting theoreticians not to give the lectures and clever advices, neither addressing big names, but rather to look for latent possibilities not hidden under the shiny professionalism
- we are inviting activists who instead of addressing global capitalist problems would face the misery of everyday life what is actual cause for it.
- we are inviting everybody to set up the radical consequences of global capitalist cultural colonialism and to look forward for common acts in all levels of space, time and meaning.
We are asking for your contributions to for further discussion, also you’re welcome at all DAMTP sites and forums interrelated.
Also waiting for your contributions to be published at the special issues of the DAMTP congress newspapers (the first is planned on winter solstice 2010).
DAta Miners & Travaillurs Psyhique – Alytus Chapter