The Baltic Notebooks of Anthony Blunt
Summer 2011, MÄRZ projektiruum, Tallinn
Summer with MÄRZ projektiruum
Rumours about MÄRZ soon to close are far from true! MÄRZ will operate in its present form and space without a break until Nov 6th, 2011 at least; after that, change of space or status is possible. Activities include:
28-29 June BILLENEEVE’s action Kestavabrik [Shell factory 12.00-21.00.
This is the follow-up to three previous actions of the same name that have taken
place in Pärnu and Tartu. It is an experimental fashion house with ladies sewing
costumes or “shells” for different cause. It synthesizes people’s emotions, feeings,
reactions to clothes, revealing the hidden in form of external. The main aim is not
the shells themselves but the process - ladies working, talking, gossiping and
Women participating: billeneeve, Piret Tombak, Narcissa Samm, Alla Ting
For two weeks from 2 July on, MÄRZ is gladly hosting Tuned City Tallinn
( - information centre of the festival, screenings, presentations, workshop exhibition and more. Stay tuned!
And, last but not least: during the whole summer, there will be PANOPTIKA club
evenings each Thursday, Friday, and Sunday. Doors open from 9pm. Occasionally
includes film evenings and other forms of cultural activities!
More Information: MÄRZ projektiruum