The Baltic Notebooks of Anthony Blunt
Echo gone wrong

Online portal launched in 2012 with an ambition to cover contemporary art in the Baltic area.
 The title refers to a song by a legendary SKA band Bad Manners, which in the early 80’s was listened in gatherings by the so called “rollers” (aka rock’n’roll) in Soviet Lithuania, accurately followed by the KGB. The rollers derived from a very specific early Lithuanian punk movement; they “revived” Elvis Presley and Bill Halley, listened to Madness and Bad Manners, danced twist and “brought up” New Wave hairstyles. Their resistance against the system was their passion for Western music, fashion and parties. However, the West was already different that they imagined, and such a hybrid “roller” movement was nowhere to be found except on this side of the Iron Wall. Editors: Neringa Černiauskaitė and Boris Symulevič (of with Gintarė Matulaitytė