The Baltic Notebooks of Anthony Blunt
Lenin in Vilnius
The works were reviewed again on February 6. This time, Augustinas Savickas was criticised for his painting entitled Lenin in Vilnius. The review commission wrote:
"The worker in the drawing is unnatural. Lenin's walk is unconvincing. Check the shapes in nature. There is more emphasis on the worker's face than on Lenin's, and therefore it catches the attention first. No feeling of the revolutionary moment; dominated by architecture, no tension. The architecture is depressing because the worker and Lenin are drawn in insufficient detail. The landscape must be richer to make it warmer. Shapes yet to be discovered. It needs better lighting, Lenin's face must be brought to the forefront. At the moment, the mood of the landscape is off-putting, which should be avoided even though it represents the old era".
Ieva Pleikienė, Between Myth and Reality: Censorship of Fine Art in Soviet Lithuania, available here as a PDF.