The Baltic Notebooks of Anthony Blunt
The Festival of Non-Existent Bands

Is a foreign meta-music/performance/electro/shifted-pop act. Creating unique monikers for each track/band/character, deconstructing electro/new wave clichés.
* We don’t say Hello to Kitty vibrators, we prefer fingering Utada while ...makes love to Atari2600 * we know robotic sexuality is not impossible * punx go OI, robots go OI-YE! * skid vicious is superkawai! * We like making instruments 'intsruments', using them irresponsibly. * pogo-robocore-antistyle-manmaschines-Cabaret Derrida * Les robots pueden digipunk! * The Festival of Non-Existent Bands...
...shall never come! * Elecro has crashed? No problem, we have more bands.
The Festival of Non-Existent Bands is:
Kiwanoid - art prankster, media manipulator, ex-supermodel
Sigue Sigue Fabrique - sound engineer, keyboard rocker, turntable manipulator.