The Baltic Notebooks of Anthony Blunt
29 Oct–12 Nov 2010, The National Gallery of Art, Vilnius
Lecture cycle Three Uses of the Knife
The National Gallery of Art continues with the lecture cycle Three Uses of the Knife, dedicated to the young art professionals.
On 29 October, the visitors are invited to analyse the role of the curator within the contemporary society. The seminar begins with Danila Cahen's film Friendly Enemies (2010) which is followed by the talks of the Hayward Gallery curator Tom Morton and the Lithuanian artist Darius Mikšys.
On 5 November, the artist Benoît Maire and the frontrunner of Tulips&Roses Jonas Žakaitis will talk about the difficulties of artist-curator collaboration.
On 12 November, the audience will be introduced to the works and experiences of New York-based Anton Vidokle, and Rebecca Wilcox and Mark Briggs from Trasmission Gallery (Glasgow).
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