The Baltic Notebooks of Anthony Blunt
27 Apr 2010 at 18:00, CAC, Vilnius
Lev Manovich: Visualization as The New Language of Theory
Lev Manovich is a Professor at the Visual Arts Department, University of California - San Diego (UCSD) where he teaches practical courses in digital art as well as history ad theory of digital culture. Manovich is the author of Software Takes Command (2008), Black Box - White Cube (Merve Verlag Berlin, 2005), Soft Cinema DVD (The MIT Press, 2005), The Language of New Media (The MIT Press, 2001), Tekstura: Russian Essays on Visual Culture (Chicago University Press, 1993) as well as 94 articles which have been published in 30+ countries and reprinted over 300 time. The Language of New Media is translated into Italian, Spanish, Polish, Slovenian, Latvian, Greek, Korean and Lithuanian. In 2007 Manovich has founded Software Studies Initiative in order to facilitate the work in the new emerging field of software studies. The lab is also developing a new paradigm of Cultural Analytics: data mining and visualization of patterns in large cultural data sets.
The public lecture is organised by the European Humanities University and Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius.