The Baltic Notebooks of Anthony Blunt
27 Mar–30 Apr 2010, gb agency, Paris
The Boy Who Cried Wolf (Lefty Loosey, Righty Tighty)
Artists: Mac Adams, Liudvikas Buklys, Gintaras Didžiapetris, Ryan Gander, Július Koller, Juozas Laivys, Deimantas Narkevičius, Rosalind Nashashibi, Gintautas Trimakas
Curated by Tulips & Roses, Vilnius
The title of this exhibition is in fact a formula. The first part of it comes from an ancient tale about a boy who exploited words merely for pleasure. This boy was not really a liar, but he discovered to his own surprise that one can use words for their effects, without taking meaning into account. For a brief moment a world of possibilities opened up for him. The boy realized that one can at any moment link any two points in the universe at will and that all words and things are boiling in one huge kettle of time soup. Unfortunately, the wolf realized all this a bit earlier.
The second part of the title is a little mnemonic poem for English speaking kids to help them remember that you have to twist a screw to the left to loosen it and to the right to fasten it. It also teaches us that we sometimes understand things not because they mean much, but because they rhyme well or make funny noises. (...)
Tulips and Roses in the Notebooks